Miss Gary

2024 –Jay GerbrandtSquirrel Ridge
2023 – 2024(Query?) Jay GrayMalahat fast lane
2021 – 2023Mx gary club thingTurk’s • birdhouse
2020 – 2021Stealth GaryRivian, mostly remote
2019 – 2020EV, TV, Airbnb boiroad-t.rip
2018 – 2019Berkeley Brainwashedgary.onhousing.tech
2017 – 2018miigwech gramercyWemindji, Manhattan
2014 – 2016Consulting Class ClownToronto, etc.
2012 – 2014FLP Rep CaptainLev G-tower
2010 – 2012Gary D.J. Gerbrandt ’14Douche Camp
2009 – 2010Mistah Presidentstudent council office
2007 – 2009Nerdy Braggartthe Great Hall
2006 – 2007it’s that chicken kidCafetorium
2005 – 2006“Gayest Kid In School”Codrington
2001 – 2004Josh, in the devil suitMiramax
1999 – 2001Very Scary Berry FairySuburbia
1996 – 1999The BoyOff Base
1993 – 1996Rena & Zwibble’sOn Base
1992 – 1993PooterGermany, mostly

Looking for Gary David Jay Gerbrandt?

Relationship to G19TJLLP Restructuring
Family membersCall me Jay. Trying to be more grounded.
FriendsSamesies — trying to be less avoidant
MentorsStill me; focused. healing = success
“Acquainted” gray areaReach out if you want to reconnect
Exes (on bad terms)Fool Jay again, shame on Jay
Old flames (on good terms)Care for platonic adult friendships?
Classmates (primary, secondary)Still bad at keeping in touch
Classmates (postsecondary)See above
Former colleaguesThe above, except LinkedIn
Intellectual partnersI am likely still a nerd for all the things
Spite-wishersYou got what you wanted!
Process servers (neutral-wishers)You can figure out your next move.
Well-wishersAww, sweetie!
Uhh, I’ve only ever known you as Jay?U DINT C NOTHIN, PAL